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You put in the blood sweat and tears. Now it's time to graduate in style. Look the part with our range of graduation gowns to hire or buy.

Hire Graduation Gowns & Caps

Graduate in style with our black caps & graduation gowns for high school, primary school and pre school.

We offer BLACK graduation caps and gowns for hire by schools and educational institutions (not to individuals). Please note these are NOT university gowns. If you represent your organisation, please download the form below, fill it out, and return it to us. If you have any questions or require any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Black Gown
  • 100% Polyester, breathable,
  • Low-lustre sheen
  • Gathered gown front
  • Zippered front
  • Non-crushable
  • Washable

Buy Graduation Gowns & Caps

Wear your colours with pride & own your graduation regalia.

Choose from 12 different colour graduation gowns with matching caps available.

Graduation Caps

  • 100% Polyester
  • Breathable
  • Low-lustre sheen
  • Elastic head basket
  • One size fits all

Graduation Tassels

Available in these options:

  1. Regular Year Date
  2. Mascot
  3. Stacked Year Date

8” dangling tassel, 18 colours and choice of up to three colours per tassel.
Regular yeardate tassels have two digits eg; ’15, ’16 etc. Stacked tassels have all four yeardate digits vertically stacked. Mascot tassels are created with your school mascot with the full year date.

Custom Crested Tassels

We can create a custom shaped crest drop and attach it to your tassel.
In addition to your custom crest, you can choose of up to three colours in your tassel. Minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.

Graduation Sashes & Stoles

Available in these options:

  • Unprinted
  • One Sided Silkscreen
  • Two Sided Silkscreen

Sashes are available in 18 colours. In addition, we have seven beautiful stock designs featuring “Class of…”. You can choose to silkscreen your school crest on one side, and “Class of…” on the other. Please allow 4 weeks delivery for plain, and 8 weeks delivery for custom printed.