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Girton Grammar School

Girton Grammar School, High School

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Message from the Headmaster

As a lasting memento and reminder of your years at Girton Grammar School, a ‘class ring’ is available for purchase for all departing Year 12 students.

The ring has been designed by previous students who were keen to take with them a timeless symbol of their time at Girton.

With a rich sense of tradition that only history can bestow, Girton Grammar School has a distinctive character, and for everyone associated with it, a genuine sense of unity. This class ring is a unique way of capturing some of the sense of tradition and friendship nurtured at this fine school.

Purchase of the class ring is entirely voluntary. If you do choose to purchase one, wear it with pride as an Old Girtonian and as a reminder of the steadfast values that will support you wherever you go.

Matthew F. Maruff, Headmaster


About the Girton Grammar Rings

The GIRTON signet rings, feature a fully detailed 3 dimensional accurate representation of the GIRTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL BENDIGO crest, set in your choice of a round or square shaped ring.

The crest is raised up from the background of the ring face, and around the bezel. The words “GIRTON 1884” is featured in the raised cut style round ring. On the square signet, the name of the school is engraved in the surrounding “cushion”, which forms a perimeter around the raised cut crest. This prominent lettering style, and superbly accurate detail in the school crest, make these beautiful rings standout, as the most distinctive and unique student, graduate and alumni rings available in Australia.

The GIRTON stone rings, are a fabulous story-telling ring. On every face of the ring, part of the students scholastic achievement or other school involvement can be reflected. Around the stone is the school name. On one side, the school crest is prominently raised-cut and deep etched for clarity and pride. Above the crest, is the “House” name, of which you were a long-standing and proud member.

On the other side, you can choose from 70 different “activity” panels, to reflect your most enjoyable or important scholastic participation. Above this, your graduation year date, is emblazoned.

In addition, you have a choice of stone colour, which can be chosen from the 6 house colours of GIRTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL BENDIGO. You may choose the Ruby stone instead, which represents the school colour. Also available, on these magnificent rings, is the opportunity for up to 22 letters to be engraved inside the ring, for the final personalizing of their ring.

The rings also feature an “antique” background on the ring top, which creates a wonderful outline from which the school crest stands out proudly.

These timeless rings, are beautifully crafted by JOSTENS (USA). Established in 1897, with a rich, proud tradition similar to the GIRTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL BENDIGO, Jostens is the largest manufacturer of specialized graduation products in the world. Their graduate ring division, has produced over 56 million rings, and utilizes stateof- the-art computer manufacturing equipment, advanced CAD/CAM creativity in ring design, and is the most influential manufacturer of these types of products world-wide. That is why, Jostens is able to offer to GIRTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL BENDIGO, the confidence of partnering with the best in this field.


    We offer personalized name engraving on each ring, at NO EXTRA CHARGE. You are able to have up to 22 letters engraved inside the ring.
    You can purchase a GIRTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL BENDIGO graduation ring, with complete confidence, because your ring comes with a lifetime warranty, covering the following: • Resize your ring free of charge (if in resizable condition). • Restore the original finish free of charge. • Any defect or blemish in materials or workmanship, your ring will be either repaired or replaced free of charge. (This offer is void if work is performed on your ring other than by Jostens)
    Your new ring, comes with a limited loss insurance policy, provided by Jostens, which covers your ring for up to 4 years from date of purchase. If you lose your ring, or have it stolen, for an excess fee of $69, your ring will be replaced. You can increase this policy to a total of 10 years, for an additional $20.00