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Ceremonial Swords


We are excited to launch our new range of authentic Australian military ceremonial swords. These beautifully hand crafted swords are made in the world renowned historical sword and knife making region of Toledo, Spain, which has been the longest continuos sword making centre since 500BC. For over 2500 years, such early warriors as HANNIBAL, the ROMAN CENTURIONS and the legendary D’ARTAGNAN and the MUSKETEERS used the incomparable strength, flexibility and versatility of world renowned Toledo steel swords.

Internationally recognized as the undisputed finest quality sword manufacturing region, utilizing the age -old techniques of combining both hard and soft steels, hand forged at temperatures of over 790 degrees centigrade, these handmade swords are carefully crafted by artisans with skills passed down through long family histories. Military officers across the world have long waited in anticipation for the delivery of their Toledo sword, as these hand made swords take months to be forged and proven as they are heated and cooled to the finest of tolerances. This is why Toledo steel swords are highly prized and sort after by armies and military institutions all over the world.

In addition, we have added a range of fine European quality handmade leather sword  acoutrements, including Sam Browne belts and crossovers, Sword Frogs, Sword Knots, and Sword bags. We offer a choice of  Leather or Nickel- plated Sword Scabbards included in the price of your Toledo Sword. In addition, we have a beautiful Gloss Black Timber Sword stand upon which to display your magnificent sword.

We invite you to read the in-depth history of the Toledan swords, as carefully retold by Toledan sword historians here. Close