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A History of Class Rings


The origins of the class ring date back to the Egyptians, who felt that their scarab rings gave them eternal life. They wore their seal signet rings til death, and then were buried with them, (placed on their hearts). Later, Roman soldiers felt that their rings would bring them victory. Centuries ago, wealthy Europeans would hire jewellers to design their own special family rings. Queen Victoria, had a special serpent ring made from emeralds, and had 6 dozen exact rings duplicated, and given out to her ladies of the court,so that they all were united.

So, a class ring, a ring worn by a group of people, represented everything from wealth, strength, success and belonging to a special group.
The first modern day class ring was developed in 1835, at West Point Military Academy.
In the early 1900’s, class rings became fashionable, and soon stones were added, and intricate detail tooling started to develop.

Today, class rings are a popular tradition for both high school and college/university graduates. Class rings are seen as a combination of showing school pride, while being an outward symbol of the diploma (but much easier to display).

With many people, they feel that their class ring is a symbol of their entrance into adulthood, or a show of worthiness of belonging to a group. Although tradition holds that a class ring is worn on the right hand on the third finger (because the knights felt it gave them double strength worn there and good luck), a class ring can be worn on any finger and sometimes on a chain around the neck.