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As Australians, we are a nation that values both academic and sporting achievements, and we love to recognize these achievements.

School Pride and Memories brings you a unique method to celebrate your achievements. You can now wear your diploma, your degree, or even your championship for everyone to see, and celebrate with you.

These beautifully crafted rings are made by Jostens (USA), who have been manufacturing graduations rings for 115 years. Jostens have been commissioned to manufacture the majority of the SuperBowl, Major League Baseball, Stanley Cup, and NBA rings. Their rings come with a lifetime guarantee (limited).

If you have a special event to commemorate, or want to bond a team, or to celebrate a graduation, we will be delighted to help you place all the details onto your achievement ring. You can choose from a wide range of metals, both precious and non-precious, and a wide variety of stone colours. We even can do custom tooling, and one-off ring orders are accepted.